Unlike physical products, digital products refunds can open the door for fraudulent activities by many online users. When you buy a physical product and you return it, usually the seller would fix it if there's an error within it, repackage it, and then put it again on store shelves for sale! But a digital product once bought can never be returned! If you buy a training program, a movie, or a music, once it's on your computer you can never return it to the seller!

Therefore many abusers take profit from refund policies of digital products to by a product, put on their devices, take access to all the training courses, then ask for a refund! Means they got access for free!

A refund policy is meant to protect the buyer's rights of having a clean affair with the seller! A buyer can ask for a refund for real good reasons! For this reason, many sellers put a strict refund policy when it comes to digital products. For example WalMart won't refund your purchase of a movie if the package has been opened! If you buy a movie and you watch it you can never have a refund whether you liked the movie or not!

While we have a refund policy to protect your rights, we want you to carefully understand our rules:


No product can have a lifetime refund period! Therefore our refund policy is available for 60 days only! Any refund request after 60 days will be automatically rejected!


A refund policy is made to protect consumers from a defective purchase. So it's not a "trial period" where consumer can use the digital product then ask for a refund for no convincing reasons! Here are some examples of what would be an acceptable or an unacceptable reason:

2.1 Acceptable Reasons

- Miss-leading in the presentation of the product! The product is presented in a way that is totally different from its reality! For example if a seller present you his product will be in English then you found it's only in Spanish, then this is a miss representation and you can ask for a refund!

- Product non functional! For example many links in the products are missing, or many section are missing entirely or having missing parts!

-Unresolved customer support issue! If you contact us about an issue while using the product and we did not come to answer you or find the right answer for you, then you can ask for a refund.

- Not being able to access the product! For example never receiving your access details, or access details do not work!

2.2 Unacceptable Reasons

- General ideas such as "Not what I expected" "Product did not meet my expectations" "I can't use the product", etc... All these reasons are not accepted to ask for a refund! If you found any difficulty while using the product just ask for help and the support team will be more than happy to assist you! If you are not sure of the product when visiting the sales page, just don't buy it!

- Not willing to use the product or take action! If you buy the product, access it then you find that you have to do some work while using it, saying "I change my mind" or "I no longer want this product" is not an acceptable reason to ask for a refund! Just purchase the product only if you are willing to take action while using the product!

Simply put, if you want a refund just give us a clear reason, and we will refund your order without further investigation!


As we mentioned above we would be pleased to give refunds for acceptable reasons. However some online abusers may use this for "friendly fraud" by filing a chargeback!

A chargeback has a bad impact on our reputation and the credit card issuer will remove the amount paid from our accounts, as well as making us pay an extra fee (between $20 to $100)! But we have the right to take action and dispute the chargeback!

Since we have every purchaser information (full name, address, email) as well as a full log of communication if any, we can file our rejection of the chargeback, dispute it, and get back the amount that has been charged back!

How chargebacks can affect you?

- If a consumer files a chargeback and the bank discovers it is a case of friendly fraud, the credit card account can be closed. Losing a credit card account can negatively impact a consumer’s credit score.
- If a merchant successfully disputes an illegitimate chargeback, the consumer might have to pay the accompanying chargeback fees.
-Cardholder who cry wolf too often won’t get the help they need in cases of legitimate fraud.


The refund policy is created basically to protect you as a consumer. Whenever you feel you have a good reason to ask for a refund, just contact us and we will be pleased to refund your money back! But any suspected "friendly fraud" won't be welcomed! And filing a chargeback is not a wise idea when seeking a refund, it's both harmful for you and for us! We both hate fraudulent activities, and we both must act with responsibility! 2017

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